The Psychocentric Revelation

por José Becerra el 21 de febrero de 2007

A Psychological Approach to the Neo-Copernican Revolution and to the Release of Atomic Energy

During the last quarter of this (20th) century we –the One Humanity– have been and are collectively facing, for the second time since 1900, the fogs and miasmas of our own and freely determined past. The creative tension thus produced needs a constructive release if we are to avoid repeating a hardly won historical lesson: The Great World War (1919-45) and its aftermath.

Men and women of goodwill throughout the world easily ascertain an incontrovertible fact at this crucial moment. This is that both Humanity and the planetary Life are undergoing a major crisis. The World War seems to have been just a prelude with liberating and purifying effects.

However, once won by Humanity on the physical plane, most of us think that there is no real need for further physical confrontation. But we are, as we have always been, free to determine our course.

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