The Mystical Science of the Fiery Heart: A Second Ray Approach to Agni Yoga

por José Becerra el 22 de febrero de 2007

Vicente Beltrán Anglada (1915-1988) was an accepted disciple in conscious contact with his Second Ray Ashram. In modern esoteric history, his discipleship work represents the first Hierarchical dispensation in Spanish, complementing and continuing the work of DK’s disciple Francisco Brualla in Spain and Latin America.

VBA’s Agni Yoga represents a second ray approach to the Yoga of Fiery Synthesis, as the first ray approach had already been revealed by Master M. through Helena Roerich (1924-38). Unlike Roerich, however, VBA’s approach to the practice of the Presence fully integrates the science of the seven rays and the science of Invocation and Evocation, as presented in the AAB-DK Teachings. The Fourth Ray of Beauty and Harmony through Synthesis is pivotal in VBA’s approach to the Agni Yoga, as well as the use of the Great Invocation and other mantrams in the AAB-DK Teachings.

According to VBA, Agni Yoga is the way to Shamballa. However, VBA made it very clear that the Agni Yoga is not a shortcut to bypass spiritual disciplines, but a synthesis of all previous yogas.

Agni Yoga is a heart-centered, serenely expectant and profoundly attentive way of living that endows its seasoned practitioner with a perfect sense of adaptation to life and its circumstances.

–Adapted from the VBA Teachings

The heart that VBA refers to is not an emotional attitude, but the spiritual intuition –the “pure reason”– accessible in the buddhic planes, an experience that transcends any intellectual approach to reality, very similar to Roerich’s “straight-knowledge.”

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