Astrological Correlates of the Great Invocation

por José Becerra el 20 de febrero de 2007

The Great Invocation (“third stanza”) was revealed during the three spiritual Festivals of 1945. These three Spring Festivals were observed on March 28 (Easter), April 27 (Wesak), and May 27 (Christ’s Festival) at 17:46, 10:34 and 01:50 universal (Greenwich) time, respectively.

The Great Invocation was first communicated to Alice Bailey on April 17, 1945, that is, between the Easter and Wesak

Festivals of that year. We are also told that the Christ was first permitted to use the original seven “very ancient word-forms” of the Great Invocation at the Gemini Full Moon of 1945.

Presumably, the English translation produced by Djwhal Khul was dictated to Alice Bailey earlier as part of the preparation for that stupendous event (in the same way that a press release is “embargoed” until a given date and time).

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