A Mathematical Model of the Path of Initiation

por José Becerra el 22 de febrero de 2007


“All within the Ashram,
except those of higher initiate status,
fall short at times.”

Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II, p. 731

In this work we explore these issues by applying a mathematical model developed by others to describe two overlapping paths of spiritual development. One path aims at Truth and attains Unity; the other approaches Life itself and attains Synthesis.

According to DK, the initiate Paul distorted some of Christ’s teachings. We are told,

It is the creed of a crucified and dead Christ which rules Christianity and not that of the risen Master. One of the reasons for this travesty of the truth has been that St. Paul, that great initiate, prior to taking the third initiation which he did at the time he was functioning as related in The Acts of the Apostles, was potently under Martian influence and was born in Scorpio; a study of his horoscope would demonstrate this were you in a position to study as can we who are connected with the Hierarchy. It was he who gave the Scorpio-Mars slant to the interpretation and exposition of the Christian teaching and deflected its energy into channels of teaching which its Founder had never intended. Esoteric Astrology, p. 213

DK’s words could be interpreted to mean that a third degree initiate may still be subject to personal bias. How could that be possible? Haven’t third degree initiates overcome the illusions of the mental plane?

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