Initiation and Dzogchen Tantra – Part II

por Matt Schoener el 9 de febrero de 2002

Birth, Death, The Dark Night, and Rebirth, leading to Initiation, individually, and for Humanity, as seen through the Buddha’s Four Absorptive States

The processes leading to initiation are those of hard work, dedication, pain, experience, love, self-forgetfulness, learning how to serve, equanimity and time (among other factors) involving the ebb and flow of energy. All this and the steady increase of quality in the atomic structure of the personality vehicles through the unwavering application of love and sacrifice carried forward for many lives. This happens as a result of hearing an inner call, tinged with selfishness at first, eventually involves an embrace of an ever-widening sense of wholes. So great becomes that inner call that the little self is forgotten in response to that call. Little by little, “Vision comes and Insight”, because that call is recognized as the birth right of the entire life wave. All we are, all that is appropriated in the act of responding to what loving consciousness really means, all we will become is gladly given to this call, this magnetic pull to the Real, the True and the Beautiful.

We learn to recognize those who are our brothers and Those who have gone on ahead as we learn how all is synthesized by love, in fact that the law of Love in our system is the very platform which propels us onward. This willful surrender to our inner growing loving consciousness comes to heal all and reveal all.

The Vision that impels the Spiritual Hierarchy and which is impelling those of humanity to enter into the Fifth Kingdom is set to burst upon the astounded gaze of Humanity. Then all tears will be wiped away and all units will be swept into making man and his environment in the three worlds fit to meet this Vision of a new Heaven and a new Earth. All pain, all past error, all inadvertent mistakes will then be seen as but the Birthing of a New Day.

Part One of this essay has outlined those opportunities, which come to those who learn the “Yoga of propelling Points of Tension”. Part Two will deal with the process of those Tensions leading to death and Dark Nights as interpreted through the Buddha’s Four Absorptive States, for individuals up to the Fourth Initiation and where Humanity might be in this context leading to its First Initiation. We will not be dealing with the Hierarchical response to the individual, or humanity, but to those states leading to achieving the Initiate Consciousness, and not the Point of the Lodge’s Recognition. This will show at what points we achieve clarity, where it leads to points of crisis, blindness, dark nights, and achievement.

Part three will deal with the acquired modes of access to the Vision, Plan and Purpose. This will be explored under the headings of: Savikalpa Samadhi with various other names (with its four stages); Nirbikalpa Samadhi; Sahaja Samadhi (with its four stages; and Sarupa Samadhi. These states will be examined in relation to service and contacting the Plan and Purpose and not in the way they have been presented in ancient literature as a goal for beginners. The early response to the presentations of these concepts has been from the angle of personal achievement, and not group awareness and progress.

Access Concentration
The key to entering these absorptive states, and it is important to note that this especially has bearing on our daily focus, that is foundational to the achieving the meditative focus, is what the Buddha referred to as “Access Concentration”. By this is meant the achieving of that point of focus, that point of tension, which no longer is distracted by those situations which lead us to losing sight of our goal, our focus, our concentration. This allows for those points in our meditative interludes where thoughts and memories must be allowed to come into the field of consciousness. It leads to becoming conscious of that in is which is not conscious. When we allow this to happen while being detached, we will see how this leads to resolving unfinished issues, errors and unresolved energies.

This attitude will, more and more, continue in our daily round of activities. It makes us more conscious in the moment. It is what the D.K. has referred to as the “attitude of the Observer”. We learn to see our life through the eyes of the Soul. Without this result in daily living, our meditations are not as useful and effective.

This does not replace the need to keep improving the one-pointed focus required to have success in meditation, but the lower interludes need to include this welling up from the unconscious (later from the soul, but that is another matter and another kind of focus, the result of the Second Initiation) but instead of “feeding” the little elementals, non-reaction and a dis-interested, detached point of focus becomes most useful. The unredeemed piece instead of being fed as before through our attentive absorption, will unravel itself. This is much like the evening review the Tibetan has touched on in the past. The welling-up process can also be by way of the feeling/sensation as well as memory; it can then also become an energy awareness In a small way this leads to a freeing of those little lives that have given shape to our past pre-occupations.

The Four Absorptive States leading to the first Dark Night and the First Initiation
We must bear in mind that meditation alone will not properly develop these states, but to use the Arcane School’s terminology, esoteric meditation, study, and service as a way of life is the surest way to bring these states about. These states can be experienced, somewhat, during long meditative retreats, but they cannot be sustained and the results achieved, if any, do not form part of a process leading the personality to increased soul orientation after the retreat.

Also, the Tibetan has referred to these Absorptive States as the “Burning Ground”, as the forms of absorption result in varying degrees of friction in the personality vehicles. The four states leading to the First Initiation focus on the etheric body, the first state referring to the etheric body quickened by etheric energy; the second state primarily refers to astral energy impinging on the etheric; the third state imposes concrete mental energy on the etheric while the dark night state sees the over-shadowing abstract energies cooking the physical/etheric from which there is no retreat.

To give a quick synopsis of the entire field of experience:

First: There are four absorptive stages, starting with the physical etheric body, leading to the First Initiation. It concludes with the pouring through of Buddhic energy through the fourth etheric sub-plane through to the environment for service.

Second: There are three absorptive stages, starting with the astral body, leading to the Second Initiation, resulting in Atmic energy pouring through the third physical etheric sub-plane to the environment for service.

Third: There are two absorptive stages, starting with the lower mental body, leading to the Third Initiation with the result that Monadic energy pours through the second sub-plane of the etheric body of the disciple available for service.

Fourth: There is only one absorptive stage, starting with the abstract mental, leading to the Fourth Initiation resulting in Logoic energy pouring through the first sub-plane of the arhat’s etheric body for service.

So the first absorptive state leads to a quickening of the etheric body. Even though there are four absorptive states leading to the First Initiation consciousness, the entire focus is on the etheric body, hence the Tibetans focus on the etheric, resulting in the lowest etheric level of the etheric body exhibiting energy from the Buddhic plane. This will result in soul energy pouring into the etheric body. This will happen as a result of the point of tension applied. At this stage the disciple is able to hold the tension sporadically at first, then in stages, eventually more or less continuously. The first result is what the Buddhist will refer to as a sense of peace and happiness. It will also create friction as those energies in the etheric body that are not harmonious to soul energy are activated, insuring their release. The movements of energy are not brought about by conscious means so much as the result of the increasingly successful results of learning to lead the life of discipleship. As time goes on (in the beginning many lifetimes elapse but recapitulated with increasing rapidity as one nears the portal of initiation) the necessary purification, and the deepening of the meditation goes forward as the result of increased success in changing our daily focus and how our awareness deepens the process naturally unfolds into the second absorptive state.

This second absorptive state includes the astral body, but the emphasis will still be on the etheric body.. The feeling of peace and happiness extends and increases in the emotional nature. Depending on physical and astral ray combinations, the individual is faced with the joys of the astral plane. The disciple will either perceive, or even experience somewhat visually, communication and exchanges with all sorts of angels, masters, Christ, Buddha, etc. The time the individual spends in this state is dependent upon his remembering what was learned in the Access Concentration stage. Sooner or later it will be apparent that this is nothing more than glamour and the individual strives to keeping meditating, and to renew a further dedication to purer and more honest daily living. Because of so much public knowledge, often when the aspirant begins to notice energy in the physical dimension, particularly energy in the spine, there we see the misconception that the Kundalini is in full force – and nothing could be further from the truth.

It can be inferred that even though the life emphasis is on the physical/etheric, the fact that astral energy is in motion shows the first brush with Glamour. This will not be as intense as in that Burning Ground/Absorptive State leading to the Second Initiation.

The Tibetan states that: “Glamour is the powerful enemy of all who tread the Path of Discipleship . . . Disciples who live on the mental plane are freer from glamour than are those whose polarization is purely emotional. Therefore, one of the first things we seek to teach all of you is to work, live and think in freedom from the astral plane. . .

Glamour is, of course, such a subtle thing that it ever masquerades as the truth. It is powerful because it finds its point of entry into a disciple’s consciousness through those states of mind and those habits of thought, which are so familiar that their appearance is automatic and constitutes an almost unconscious manifestation. There are (for the average disciple) three main attitudes of mind and of feeling, which predispose him to being glamoured:

i. Self pity. To this all disciples are prone. Their lives are necessarily difficult and they are more sensitive than the average. They are also being constantly tried and tested in this particular direction. Self pity is a powerful and deluding force; it exaggerates every condition and isolates a person in the center of his own life, and the dramatic situation evoked in his own thoughts. . . .

ii. A spirit of criticism. This induces more states of glamour than any other one factor; and here, who shall say he is immune? When harmlessness and kindness in thought and word are practiced, and automatically become a part of a disciple’s daily life expression, then glamour will end . . .

iii. Suspicion. The most poisonous of all weaknesses is this glamour; it is usually the most false and – even when well founded – is still capable of poisoning the very roots of being, of distorting all attitudes to life, and of bringing into activity the creative imagination as its potent servant. Suspicion ever lies, but lies which such apparent truth that it seems only correct and reasonable . . Give not way to suspicion; but be careful not to cast it away from you to the hidden depths of yourself, whence again it most raise its head. End its power in your life by doing three things:

a. By assuming more definitely the attitude of the Onlooker, who sees all people and happenings through the light of love, and from the angle of the eternal values.

b. By leaving everyone free to live their own lives and to shoulder their own responsibilities, knowing that they are souls and are being led towards the light. Simply give them love and understanding.

c. By the fullness of your own life of service, which leaves you no time for the moments and hours of suspicion which blight so many lives.

These three things, if persisted in and practiced, will do more to release you from glamour than any other one thing.”

Discipleship in the New Age — Volume I pages 310/5

The lessons learned will show that no perception is worth it if it fuels pride, glamour and a preoccupation with the personality. The longer it takes to fully realize this, the greater the danger of sinking into a kind of spiritual inertia. Again it will be realized that just as in the earlier state issues would come up dealing with energy and purely cellular memory, issues will now arise from the emotional state. When this is correctly apprehended then the process speeds up and such issues are dealt with more definitely.

When the purification has gone on to the degree necessary for this phase of development, the process will deepen to where the third absorptive state opens into the lower mental body and life of the disciple. The feeling of peace and happiness deepens and extends into the lower mental body. Again, bear in mind that in order to insure success at this level and avoid being snared into longer duration at this third absorptive state, the disciple must deepen his commitment to inner integrity and to serve as a soul. At this level, issues from the lower mental will arise and need to be dealt with. Meditation becomes easier to sustain. Issues that are handled in the light of the soul will result in more issues arising and more rapidly. For example, toward the end of a physical detox, one becomes aware of toxins being released with greater rapidity into the blood stream, to be released through the kidneys and skin. So it is at this stage regarding inner issues.

Particularly at this stage, and starting with the previous stage at the emotional level, one can be in a temporary denial and prolong the time and experiences involved but, at the same time, increased aspiration evokes more energy from soul levels and the ashram. Under the law of cause and effect, this will only deepen the point of crisis to the point where attention shock(s) are self generated in the life. It must be borne in mind that these absorptive states are much like the between life states that a person goes through before rebirth. The difference is that on the path these “death” experiences are greatly intensified and compacted. It has been said that a disciple, in the purification process, will go through in a compressed period of time what it takes the average person nine life times to normally go through. Until the time of Psychosynthesis and the transpersonal psychologies, it was considered not a good idea for disciples to go into mundane therapies, as these therapies imply a person being “stuck” whereas the disciple may simply be burning of karma. Realization, inner honesty, further purifying/clarifying /dedicating the outer and inner life will result in increased success in meditation (and service) and build in ever purer matter and molecules into the personality vehicles. It will result in absorption into the fourth state called by some the great death, or the dark night.

It is not the complete “Dark Night of the Soul” spoken of in mystical literature, as that is undergone at the Fourth Initiation. It is a dark night nevertheless. There is a dark night experience before each of the four initiations. This dark night experience involves the higher mental body of the disciple. The difference at each fourth stage, the dark night, is that there is no denial possible. Realization comes flooding in. It is a real purification. When this stage has done its work there will be a kind of rapture but it is not the initiation itself because we must win and polarize/stabilize at the level of consciousness. It is not the initiation itself as that is a matter of time and cycle.

However, when all occurs as it must (the initiation ceremony itself), and it is time for the initiate to win through to the next height, he must rededicate his life. The process will start all over again and deepen, but this time he will start with the second absorptive state. This will result in an increased sense of peace and happiness. After that the effect will be that the fire of the mental plane will result in the fog the Tibetan was talking about. This fog will produce glamour. What is happening is that the increased concentration and meditation will result in the opportunity for a greater cleansing and purification of the astral body and the entire emotional nature.

The Three Absorptive States resulting in the Second Initiation
The incoming light will eventually unearth all the glamours in the emotional state, conscious and especially unconscious. There will be feelings of highs punctuated by feelings of lows. The technique of Access Concentration carried on in the first four absorptive states, will especially mark the moment when one begins to dis-identify from the glamours coming up to the surface of awareness. It is at this point where the third absorptive state opens up the lower mental body of the disciple. There one deals with the motives lying behind the glamours.

Even at this stage one can be dealing with points of denial and one can be engaged with vigorously contending with what arises to the surface of consciousness. When the energy of this contention dies out and one can more easily fall back into the attitude of the observer that the process opens into the fourth stage. This is where the dark night experience becomes especially painful because it is felt so keenly in the emotional body.

“The disciple is the victim and, let us hope, the dissipator of both glamour and illusion, and hence the complexity of his problem and the subtlety of his difficulties. He must bear in mind also (for his strengthening and cheer) that every bit of glamour dissipated and every illusion recognized and overcome, “clears the way” for those who follow after, and makes easier the path of his fellow disciples. This is par excellence, the Great Service, and it is to this aspect of it that I call your attention.

Glamour: A World Problem page 44

“Avoid at least one glamour, and that is the glamour that it is your task to shoulder all responsibilities and make all final decisions. Leave people . . . the opportunity which you yourself so much welcome, of learning the needed lessons. Seek not duly to lift and shield, for the shielding mother-complex is in itself a glamour.”

Discipleship in the New Age — Volume II page 643

“Glamour can always be found where there exists:

i. Criticism, when careful analysis would show that no criticism is warranted.

ii. Criticism, where there is no personal responsibility involved. By that I mean, where it is not the place or duty for the man to criticize.

iii. Pride in achievement or satisfaction that one is a disciple.

iv. Any sense of superiority or seperative tendency.

Glamour: A World Problem page 84

Again, our process is experienced through the light of the upper mental regions of our nature. The pain results from the fact that there is no possibility to hide or turn away from the truth of ourselves, and the purification goes deeper into the emotional body then in the previous cycle leading to the First Initiation. It is a kind of friction (burning ground) resulting in a deep transforming of the astral body. After the emotional darkness, a kind of death of the seperative emotional state, there is another state of bliss.

We are not referring to the “initiation ceremony” wherein one stands in the Presence of the Lord, but that state of awareness that indicates that we are polarized/stabilized into the second initiation consciousness that must precede the point of recognition of the Christ. As in the previous cycle, this point of achievement is a satori, or kensho, a core spiritual awakening.

The first core spiritual awakening the Buddha referred to as “Entering the Stream”. This second core spiritual awakening He referred to as “the Once- Returner, as the initiate need return only one more life to achieve nirvana. This means that after achieving the Third Initiation, what the Buddha called “the Non-Returner” one need not reincarnate for merely personal karmic reasons. However, in this cycle many do return because of the need being so great.

After the Second Initiation the emotional body becomes very clear in order to more easily reflect the reality of soul life vertically and register human need horizontally. This is one reason why the Sufi tradition refers to this level or awareness as “the Station of the Soul”, because the astral body more easily reflects soul light.

Some say that First Degree Initiates in the world are in the millions, while those of the Second Degree number in the hundreds of thousands. True, there may only be a few million First Degree Initiate, and a few hundred thousand Second Degree Initiate, souls, but this points to the success of hierarchical planning and endeavor.

The Two Absorptive States leading to the Third Initiation
After the Second Initiation, there is normally some time wherein the disciple learns what it means to serve humanity and the Plan as a Second Degree server. One way of determining if one has embarked on the path leading to the Third Initiation is the ability to enter the state of contemplation more consistently easier than previously. As before this requires an even deeper commitment, and resulting opportunity, to service and in facing that part of ourselves not in harmony with our higher intent. This ability opens up to the absorptive state that leads to deeper purification and a transformation of our lower mental nature, which eventually triumphs in the transfiguring of the entire personality.

As noted before, here one starts by experiencing deeper peace and happiness, but this time there is the joy that defines the space of the abstract mental perceptive states, but a joy that is not diluted with emotional reaction. The ability to more deeply engage the meditative process brings in its own perception and revelations, and these revelations bring on the deeper cleansings.

It may serve to point out the following information given by the Tibetan about the glamour and illusion of idealism:

“Ideals must go as they are now formulated, because we are entering into a New Age where all things will become new. They can safely be relinquished when their place is taken by a real soul love for humanity – inclusive, sane and practical. Ideals are formulations by the human mind. The Hierarchy has no ideals. The Hierarchy is simply the channel for pure love, and where love exists there is no danger of harshness, of cruelty, of misunderstanding, of evasion of facts, or of harmfulness. Much also that many regard is harmless is definitely harmful in its general effects. Ideals, as usually held, feed pride, lead to stubbornness, and engender a seperative superiority; they produce impractical attitudes and negative activities. The one who thus holds them frequently serves only in the limited field, conditioned by his chosen work and colored by his idealism. He excludes the Whole and thinks in terms of the past and as he wants to think. There is no real understanding of an opposing idealism and often no real attempt to comprehend its basis. His emphasis upon his own ideals (in his own consciousness even when not imposed on others) prevents understanding, and he is so busy up-holding them and defending them (oft again to himself) and being conditioned by them, that the larger human issues escape his attention. He settles down within the limits of his imposed belief. This makes him immediately a theologian, and his usefulness then rapidly evaporates, except in the intimate circle of his fellow idealists. As time goes on, crystallization takes place. A “crystal barrier” is set up between the personality and the soul. The soul is seen but its influence is insulated. But – because there is a vision of the soul still persisting – the disciple is deeply satisfied. The crystallization eventually affects all aspects of the nature. Emotions settle into “grooves of crystal”; the mind becomes set and brittle. The physical body crystallizes also and gets old rapidly because there is no free flow of life.

One thing only will prevent this happening: Loving understanding and a consequent sacrifice of the life to humanity as a whole. The greatest good of the greatest number becomes his life theme, and to this the whole man is subordinated.”

Discipleship in the New Age — Volume II pages 330/1

A word on the Illusion of Power: “The Illusion of Power is perhaps one of the first and most serious of tests which comes to an aspirant. It is also one of the best examples of this ‘great mistake’, and I hereby bring it to your attention as being one against which I beg you most carefully to guard yourself. It is rare indeed for any disciple to escape the effects of this error of illusion, for it is, curiously, based upon the right success and right motive. Hence the specious nature of the problem. It might be expressed thus:

An aspirant succeeds in contacting his soul or ego through right effort. Through meditation, good intention, and right technique, plus the desire to serve and to love, he achieves alignment. He becomes then aware of the results of his successful work. His mind is illumined. A sense of power flows through his vehicles. He is, temporarily at least, made aware of the Plan. The need of the world and the capacity of the soul to meet that need, flood his consciousness. His dedication, concentration and right purpose enhance the directed inflow of spiritual energy. He knows. He loves. He seeks to serve, and does all three more or less successfully. The result of all this is that he becomes more engrossed with the sense of power, in the part he has to play in aiding humanity, then he is with the due and proper sense of proportion and of spiritual values. He over-estimates his experience and himself. Instead of redoubling his efforts and thus establishing a closer contact with the kingdom of souls, and loving all beings more deeply, he begins to draw attention to himself, to the mission he is to develop, and to the confidence that the Master and the Planetary Logos apparently have in him. He talks about himself; he gestures and attracts notice, demanding recognition. As he does so, his alignment is steadily impaired; his contact lessens, and he joins the ranks of the many who have succumbed to the illusion of sensed power.

This form of illusion is becoming increasingly prevalent among disciples and those who have taken the first two initiations. There are today many people in the world who have taken the first initiation in a previous life. At some point in the present life cycle, recurring and recapitulating as it does the events of an earlier development, they again reach a point in their realization that they earlier reached. The significance of their attainment pours in upon them, and the sense of their responsibility and knowledge. Again they over-estimate themselves, regarding their missions and themselves as unique among the sons of men, and their esoteric and subjective demand for recognition enters in and spoils what might otherwise have been fruitful service. Any emphasis upon the personality can distort most easily the pure light of the soul as it seeks to pour through the lower self. Any effort to call attention to the mission or task which the personality has undertaken, detracts from the mission, and handicaps the man in his task; it leads to the deferring of its fulfillment until such time as the disciple can be naught but a channel through which love can pour, and light can shine. This pouring through and shining forth, has to be a spontaneous happening, and contain no self reference.”

Glamour: A World Problem pages 52/3

As in previous third phase experience, one can prolong the time it takes to experience this state by being swept up in denial or contention. It is in fact possible that each of the third phase stages result in facing that burning ground which faces the Dweller on the Threshold. Denial comprises the first stage of the Dweller experience; the other stage might well be in vigorously engaging the Dweller, or in contending with that part of our nature which we deeply need and wish to improve and bring in line with the intent of our higher self. The experience here is at once deeper and more difficult as it requires a death not only of our lower mental nature, but the entire coordinated personality. Only in this way can we fulfill our deep inner inclination to approach more closely to That which calls us.

“’How can I overcome this Dweller and yet at the same time refuse to concentrate on myself and my problems? This I am told by you not to do, and yet the Dweller is the sum total of all personality holds and defects, all potencies – emotional, mental and physical – which limit my expression as a soul. What can I therefore do?’

My answer would be: You must first of all accept the fact of the Dweller, and relegate that Dweller to its rightful place as part of the Great Illusion, the great phantasmagoria of existence and as an integral part of life in the three worlds. You must then proceed upon your planned life of service (What definite plan or plans have you, my brother?) and act as if the Dweller existed not, thus freeing yourself from all personality influence in due time, and leaving your mind free for the task at hand. I could perhaps word it another way. When your interest in the hierarchical work and the programme of the Ashram with which you are connected, is adequately strong, it will then dominate all your actions, and all your thoughts (waking or sleeping); you will then find that the grip of the Dweller will be broken, that its life has been destroyed by the force of attrition, and its form destroyed in the fires of sacrifice.” Discipleship in the New Age — Volume II pages 47/8

The “Dark Night” experience at the last absorptive state here is at once deeper and more painful but without the emotional angst which was the hallmark of our emotional dark night. There is doubt, but the doubts come and go quickly. Indeed, the deep cleansing at this dark night is an extremely rapid; cleansing experiences come and go so fast that we are often left only with the strain of the experience and the strain can feel nearly crippling.

This dark night is left behind only after all this cleansing, we are faced with the sudden realization that there is a quiet, expansive space which refuses to recognize that the Dweller has any life of its own left. Now there is only a quiet but explosive rapture that is ours when we first are able to face the opening of the first synthesis petal around the Jewel in the Lotus.

This quiet, explosive, great Joy/Bliss is ours with the realization that Shamballa discipleship starts here and this awareness (further) transfigures the personality.

Forget not that as humanity advances, as the hierarchy advances, so does initiation.

What is often over-looked is that with the first raising of the Kundalini at the Third Initiation (by that is meant the state of consciousness prior to the actual ceremony) is the “cracking” of the Causal Body, bringing with it deep intuitive opening. This makes possible direct nondual contemplation and surrender. Samadhi states are then actually modes of contacting higher realities as an act of service, and not as an act of separativeness. Such states are the means where the initiate, as a soul in deep communion, contacts eternal truths, achieves vision and gains inspiration in service, allowing him to see more of the panoramic program of Hierarchy and Shamballa.

The One Absorptive State of the Final Dark Night and Fourth Initiation Triumph
Momentous though the previous statement is, even more so is that this fact of Shamballa Discipleship extending to Third Degree Initiates has only been possible since a certain full moon of 1948!

“It is the expansion of consciousness and the production of increased sensitivity and perceptive awareness, which is the goal of all divine and hierarchical effort. The goal is not for betterment of material conditions. These will automatically follow when the sense of awareness is steadily unfolded. The future of humanity is determined by its aspiration and ability to respond to the idealism which is today flooding the world.”

Education in the New Age page 103

“The life of the man who takes the fourth initiation, or the Crucifixion, is usually one of great sacrifice and suffering. It is the life of the man who makes the Great Renunciation, and even exoterically it is seen as strenuous, hard and painful. He has laid all, even his perfected personality, upon the altar of sacrifice, and stands bereft of all. All is renounced, friends, money, reputation, character, standing in the world, family, and even life itself.” Initiation, Human and Solar page 88/9

The pain and suffering does not matter. What one sees, and is beginning to comprehend is everything. There is no reaction to the pain and suffering. The invocative crying out of the amassed pain and suffering of the whole human lifewave becomes paramount. Here begins the mystery of the true broken heart. The agony is taken into the heart until the heart occultly breaks. The immense concentration and focus drives the Kundalini upwards afresh going to the head and back to the heart via the amrita nadi. The force of this activity destroys the Causal Body, and the initiate makes first full contact with the heart of the sun. All is relinquished in the supreme act of becoming a pure and unblemished channel for the Divine to rescue and redeem humanity. After this, the love of the heart of the sun, and the force of the monad, pour directly to the consecrated and now sanctified personality vehicles directly toward the healing of humanity as a divine whole.

“The initiation of the Renunciation is of supreme importance to humanity and to the individual initiate. . . . First of all, this great act of renunciation marks the moment when the disciple has nothing in him which relates him to the three worlds of human evolution. His contact with those worlds in the future will be purely voluntary and for purposes of service.” The Rays and the Initiations page 696

“The Form of the Causal Body. This is the vehicle of the higher consciousness, the temple of the indwelling God, which seems to be of a beauty so rare and a stability so sure a nature that, when the final shattering comes of even that masterpiece of many lives, bitter indeed is the cup to drink, and unutterably bereft seems the unit of consciousness. Conscious then only of the innate Divine Spirit, conscious only of the Truth of the Godhead, realizing profoundly and in the depths of his being the ephemeral nature of the form and of all forms, standing in the vortex of initiatory rites, bereft of all on which he may have leant (be it friend, Master, doctrine or environment), well may the Initiate cry out: ‘I am that I am, and there is nothing else.’ Well may he then figuratively place his hand in the hand of his Father in Heaven, and hold the other out in blessing on the world of men, for only the hands that have let slip all in the three worlds are free to carry the ultimate blessing to struggling humanity. Then he builds for himself a form such as he desires, — a new form that is no longer subject to shattering, but suffices for his need, to be discarded or used as occasion warrants.”

A Treatise on White Magic pages 264/5

The deeper communion possible after the destruction of the Causal Body makes contacting even higher realities a fact, whether in deep, internal contemplation, or in deep external waking mode. There is no difference for the Arhat. Ramana Maharshi often referred to external Sahaja and internal Sahaja. (More on that in Part III)

The Four Absorptive States and Humanity’s coming Initiation
It will be noted that many lives are involved learning the lessons of each absorptive state until such time as an apotheosis is reached when the disciple “wins through” all for states in one life, and takes the first initiation. Until that time he will be preoccupied with learning the lessons involved, even between lives.

Humanity has now come to the point were its opportunity is now upon it. Let us look at this process in light of the hierarchical effort in the past 600 years. In the hierarchical conclave of around 1400 the present day possibility was noted and discussed. In 1500 the program was put in motion, the Purpose registered, and the Plan formulated. The lowest point of hierarchy was polarized on the highest astral sub-plane for many millennia. With the advent of HPB, and her momentous engaging of the crystallization of humanity’s thinking, was more successful from the Hierarchy’s standpoint then the outer success of the Theosophical Society. The placing of her writings into motion for public consumption, particularly Isis Unveiled and the Secret Doctrine, opened up the thinking of many forward- looking people. For instance, these books made an amazing impression on Thomas Edison, and it is not well known that Gandhi embarked on his work after being catalyzed by HPB in London (the famous motion picture GANDHI began with his life in South Africa).

The resulting effect on the thinking of key units of the intelligentsia and those disciples coming into incarnation, allowed the Hierarchy to polarize on the lower mental plane. AAB was contacted on the lower mental by D.K. because of her particularly clear and stable focus. Inspite of the apparent outer conflicts, this work by AAB came at a time when mankind was feeling the impact of the new energies in such a way that old forms were beginning to shatter, showing the proof of Christ’s dictum that you “cannot put new wine into old bottles”. If HPB, and people like AAB and Helena Roerich had not been in place at a time when the incoming “new wine” was building up so rapidly, the results would have been disastrous. The information being put out by the hierarchy was having an even better effect during the time of AAB than at the time of HPB (who did an incredible job of preparing the ground for a planetary renaissance), so much so that it had become possible for Hierarchy to polarize its lowest point of contact at the upper mental plane. This is why the Tibetan Master kept reminding us to go deeper into the events going on, rousing us to more dedication and service, because the success of the hierarchical program was becoming apparent.

The Shamballa impact on the physical plane during Wesak of 1949 resulted in the Hierarchy being able to focus its lowest point of contact with Humanity on the Buddhic Plane. This would not have been possible were it not for the success of the process.

With the advent of the Age of Exploration, the Renaissance, Marco Polo — humanity beginning to know itself on the physical plane, the differing cultures on the planet coming into contact — marked the beginning of Humanity entering the Buddha’s first absorptive state as a whole. Remember, that for the individual this is when the physical etheric body begins its quickening. With the quickening comes an integration, marked by the first possibility of world travel with sailing ships, and contact resulting in trade and exchange of ideas on a global scale. The individual at this point of absorption begins to take stock of the physical potential and material potential. Another indication of humanity’s successful reaction to this stage was the growth of education and the growing postal possibilities. Yes, on the surface it is often chaotic and prone to breakdowns and breakups but so is the outer life of the aspirant, the probationary disciple, and the accepted disciple. For the Hierarchy these are all indications of growing pains. There must need be supervision and guidance to avoid disaster, so that even the potential disasters can be turned to the good. Is not even the disciple prone to such upheavals? All this is simply the process of bringing up to the surface that which is hidden as an opportunity for transmutation and transformation.

The timing of the hierarchical effort in bringing forth the work of HPB marked the end of the first stage experience and offered the opportunity for entering the second absorptive state. This occurred about the time AAB brought forth her work. The disciples written about in Discipleship in the New Age, in both volumes, were the cream of the crop for their time; it would stun the world to find out who they were: scientists, businessmen, industrialists, inventors, psychologists, clergy, the list goes on. Let us forget the apparent failures, the hierarchy thinks in wholes, and on the whole it was incredibly successful. On the inner side, the real success is apparent in the way today’s world is for disciples and initiates. We stand on the shoulders of giants!

The conflict of the World War shattered many old forms and brought about the international consciousness after the end of the war, and marked the success of humanity’s time in the second absorptive state. Just imagine, an entire generation rallied to save the world for the future!

The 1950’s marked the beginning of humanity’s testing and crisis in the third absorptive state. And there were many successes and failures, but, just as in the individual process, there was great potential for denial and in the West people were focused on personal, material wealth and that world felt no connection to anything but the pursuit of material happiness and not taking notice of anyone outside the little circle and financial and racial class. But the growing welfare movements, the concern about world hunger and poverty became very focused at this time, along with a growing awareness of abuses. People started to care about world news. However, when invoked energies are coming in and building up, and is met with denial and complacency/inertia, the result is the precipitation of “shock” to rouse one out of the straying of focus. That is what has been happening in these past decades culminating in what happened on September 11, 2001. The result has been to recognize the need to “close the door where evil dwells”. This tells us that we are near the end of humanity’s testing and cleansing in the third absorptive state.

When humanity enters into its fourth absorptive state, its dark night preceding initiation, it will become keenly aware of energy from the abstract mental. It will throw such a light on the situation! Unlike any other time in history, there will be no denial, no turning away, no hiding from the truth.

After the force of realization, it will be time for the reconstruction that the Tibetan was talking about. There will be recognition of the disenfranchised, awareness of pain in portions of the “body of humanity”, and the need for global synthesis. When that synthesis begins its releasing process (all true synthesis results in a release), the Hierarchy will make Its presence felt.

The moment when Christ is recognized globally, that moment will mark Humanity’s world-wide satori — its kensho.

Humanity will have arrived at its First Initiation.

Then the real work begins.

After all, we all will need to do our part in bringing in The New Heaven and The New Earth, to prepare for the New Revelation.